Mindelo Sao Vicente

The true purpose

Besides giving you the best and most complete information about the Cape Verdean island São Vicente, what is the real purpose behind this initiative? This site is not only built for the tourist, but also by and for the local people of São Vicente.

The island São Vicente is increasingly growing. Every day we see the island changing. More entrepreneurs who are opening their restaurants, hotels or other companies to find their luck on this marvelous island. And with this positive change comes a lot more. An increasing rate of tourism and entrepreneurism (what a word…) has a big influence on the island and the local people.

São Vicente is famous for it’s heritance, it’s almost untouched character and peaceful atmosphere make São Vicente a true paradise. We want to make sure that the Jewel of Cape Verde remains his authenticity and that the local people can profit in a good and healthy way from the increasing tourism. By using our service, you will not only be ensured of an authentic experience, but you directly support the local community as well. And that is the true purpose of it all.


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