Make sure you don’t forget to enjoy

Tonight I was wandering the streets of Mindelo. Looking for some relaxation. On street behind on of the most famous streets (Praça Nova) of Mindelo, I found…no I heared an absolute jewel.

The sweet sounds of the Bossa Nova hypnotized me. It gave me ‘Saudade de Brasil’. I am experiencing difficulties writing this post and I never have this. Maybe because of the overload of emotions and thoughts and I don’t know where to begin. Maybe it’s best to close your eyes for a couple of seconds. Think of a dark en quiet street, the beautiful sound of Bossa nova and when you get close you see three musicians having fun, sing from their heart and there is no way you can pass this scene, which is almost a painting, without taking the time to take a closer look at it. Would you do the same with a Picasso? You maybe need to recognize the beauty of it, but that’s exactly the same with this story.

I order a Cuba Libre, sit down in front of the musicians (outside) with the doors open and they take me back to a lot of moments. Brazil, my life, my current life, too much. I open my eyes and and see the musicians again and I almost can’t believe it; ‘is this my reality…?’

How beautiful is it when you can still be yourself, where you don’t see anyone on their smartphone. People enjoying..enjoying life, sharing music and making the best of of life. Here at São Vicente we are blessed. but take this lesson at home and make sure you can do and have this everywhere.


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